Album Danse dans la neige (1948), 1977

Cover page of the album made by Françoise Sullivan in 1977


4 of 17 offset prints
Photo: Maurice Perron


Case and cover page of the album made by Françoise Sullivan
Photo at right: Isadora Chicoine-Marinier

Album Danse dans la neige (1948), 1977

Performance (1948): Françoise Sullivan
Photo (1948): Maurice Perron
Album made by Françoise Sullivan in 1977 consisting of 17 offset photographs, 8 offset plates with texts by Françoise Sullivan, Fernande Saint-Martin and François-Marc Gagnon, and 1 serigraph by Jean Paul Riopelle
38.7 × 38.7 cm (each)
Private collection

Artwork and documentation

danse_dans_la_neige_03 danse_dans_la_neige_04 danse_dans_la_neige_01 danse_dans_la_neige_02 _danse_dans_la_neige_couv thumb_DSCF5624_1024

The album Danse dans la neige immortalizes a choreographic action performed by Françoise Sullivan on Mount Saint-Hilaire in February of 1948. Considered a foundational moment in contemporary dance in Canada, this improvisation was filmed by Jean Paul Riopelle, but the film was lost during the 1970s. However, Maurice Perron, a friend of the two artists, was with them and photographed Sullivan in action. A series of still photos survived that made it possible to preserve this major work. In 1977, Sullivan revisited Perron’s photos to select, organize and produce this album, which she entitled Danse dans la neige. Thus reborn, the work is recorded for posterity. This dance to winter was part of a choreographic project encompassing the four seasons. Summer was created at Les Escoumins in 1947, but spring and autumn remained to be conceived. This was done in 2007 while making a film and a second album, Les Saisons Sullivan. The artist completed the cycle, and four dancers reactualized each of the seasons in the artist’s supple experimental style, in perfect harmony with nature.