Quatre pas sur Blasket (Irlande), 1978

1 of 4 black and white digital prints
Collection of the artist


4 black and white digital prints
Collection of the artist


Artwork model, exhibition view of Françoise Sullivan. The 1970s, 2021, Galerie de l’UQAM
Photo: Paul Litherland

Quatre pas sur Blasket (Irlande), 1978

4 black and white digital prints produced in 2023 from the original negatives
2 prints: 101.6 × 65.5 cm
2 prints: 65.5 × 101.6 cm
Photo: David Moore
Collection of the artist

Artwork and documentation

sullivan_Danser-Ile.1 sullivan_Danser-Ile.2 sullivan_Danser-Ile.3 sullivan_Danser-Ile.4 2021-05-13-UQAM-Sullivan-022

In June and July 1978, Françoise Sulivan travelled through the Blasket Islands, off the coast of Ireland. She executed several projects in the wilderness of Great Blasket Island, with its mountains, cliffs and vistas overlooking the sea. Negatives found in her archive show her improvising a performance. She was photographed in action by David Moore. Like Danse dans la neige, conceived in February 1948 and executed on the slopes of Mount Saint-Hilaire, near Montreal, Quatre pas sur Blasket provides a link between the artist’s gestures and the landscape where she is performing. In the snapshots, she is seen anchored on the arid ground among stones and ferns, or rising under the clouds, exploiting the choreographic repertoire that characterizes her emblematic performances.